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The Profile of ALPS Company

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Located in the center of politic and culture of Guangdong Province and the center of the southern part of China--Baiyun district in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Ailipusi Refrigerant Equipment Co. Ltd (ALPS) is and enterprise integrated research and development, design, production, sales into a whole body. It is honored as an advanced technology corporation in December in 2016. ALPS is a refrigerant equipment manufacturer of Guangzhou Green Life Hotel suppliers Co. Ltd, which is the wholly controlling shareholder. There are several product brands such as GreenLife, LVNI and Sylins.

ALPS specializes in producing stainless refrigerant equipments, bar display cabinets, stainless kitchen freezers, supermarket freezers and so on. Now it is an independent centre of research and development of technology, which contains a lot of superior technicists. Most of them come from the domestic and abroad top-raking refrigerant enterprise and they are recognized as the first-rated structural design engineer and cooling engineer by the peer. What’s more, ALPS has signed friendly and permanent cooperation contracts with many famous domestic universities like South China University of Technology.

ALPS’ products include upright GN engineering commercial freezing cabinets, upright luxury commercial cabinets, upright standard commercial cabinets, upright kitchen display cabinets, upright supermarket display cabinets, bar display cabinets, GN engineering platform refrigerators, backrest platform refrigerators, drawer refrigerators, fan cooling pizza cabinets, platform salad cabinets, salad cabinets, wall-hung cabinets, banquet insulated cars, banquet refrigerator cars ,sushi cabinets and baking cakes.

Every sort of ALPS’ products are not only in line with domestic and international relevant stipulation, but the hygiene and safe request of kitchen, from their design to production. The usage of substantial quality components makes the products stable and outstanding. The pragmatic design effectively decreases the cost when people use the kitchen, which brings effectively economical experience. ALPS’ commercial kitchen equipments change the complicated kitchen jobs into easy and convenient ones, assisting people improve the efficiency of kitchen jobs and creating a top-ranked and professional kitchen, both in systematic and scientific areas. Holding the running belief of quality first and honesty, ALPS is highly relied on and appreciated by lots of customers and to make it more convenient for them, ALPS is able to design, produce, install and  repair products on the spot according to their requests. They can order the new refrigerant products with any request, style, norms or color that they want.

ALPS bases on the running idea of honest, pragmatism and pioneering spirit. The products are in the specification of energy-saving, environmental protection and quick refrigeration with strict work flow, trying to make everything visible and everyone responsible for their jobs and trying to make every sold product with good function and reliable quality as well as the considerate warranty, thus trying to make every customer enjoy five-star service. Human’s satisfaction is always ALPS’ pursuit. With its superior quality and service, ALPS gains customers’ trust and respect.  

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